World Class Submissive

Become the best slave, submissive or painslut you can be

My name is k1tty. I’m a very experienced painslut, completely owned by my Master.

Together with my Master, I teach you how to become the best slave, submissive or painslut you can be – in a safe environment that allows you to surrender. You’ll break through fear, shame, guilt and insecurity- blocking you from being your fierce, powerful, yet so submissive self.


Stop struggling to find a proper Master who will handle you appropriately, taking care of you as the precious treasure you are. After this training, you will blow away ANY Master with your skills and attitude.


Completing the full year-long training program will Certify you, and guarantees you a place on our slave market. Here we sell our best slaves to Certified Masters.


We take apprentices only after strict selection. If you are interested, leave your name and mail address and I will send you a survey and an assignment.