Master – Become World Class in training your sub

Do you want to become a World Class Master, so you can get the best out of your submissive?

My Master and I are dedicated to delivering you more value than you can imagine. We created a full toolkit consisting of communication, training programs, games, and instruction videos on how to train your sub.

Why is this the right place for a Master?

Are you a Master, looking for inspiration? You’re in the right place.

If you are a sub – stop struggling to find a proper Master who will take care of you as the precious treasure you are. After this training, you will blow away ANY Master with your skills and attitude.

Become a member of our Fan Club to get access to the communications and instructions of training programs and games, all designed for your sub to grow towards the best version of herself.

Just sign in for the Fanclub and for only 9,99 per month you get access to all our content. Since we are building up everything at the moment, right now our training material is delivered for free as an extra on top of the fan club fee.

Who are we?

I’m “RadicalPainslut” aka Sam. I’m a trained, submissive painslut, completely owned by my Master. When I started posting videos on PH, I received a lot of questions of Masters on how to train their subs properly.

We decided to share our knowledge and the training programs built up through the years.

Since we are a male Master and a female submissive, our training programs are also designed like that.

The higher level

We take apprentices every now and then, but only after a strict selection.  We only work with dedicated people with the right mindset.

As an apprentice, you get me as your personal mentor. I will guide you in how to build up proper training programs for your subs or train you to become the best submissive you can be.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship, leave your (ph) name and/or a mail address where I can contact you.