Fantasy- rented out to party with Male D/male S

This post is executed from THIS ASSIGNMENT RIGHT HERE

There are 3 men and their male subs. 

It feels threatening when I enter. I’m not at ease. And I see that it pleases you, my Master, because I am out of my comfort zone. 

I so do not want you to leave… 

There’s a dark guy, Sir1, with a big bold guy on a leash. His name is Teddy bear. He looks not very cuddly to me… his eyes are down but he is impressive. 

Sir2 is slim, elegant, and very gay. He smokes and tips his ashes in his toy’s mouth. He calls him Schmooch. Schmooch only has eyes for his Master. 

Sir3 is bearded, he looks dangerous. Full of tattoos, big arms… dressed in leather with chains. Doggy, is his sub, a guy with long hair, very feminine, a weird combination. 

They put me in the middle, there is some sort of tub placed. 

Go go, they tell you. I don’t want you to leave and I hold my leash, looking begging at you. Are you sure Master? Can you leave me here safely? 

You pet my head. Make me proud, my little slut, you say. I trust you. 

I nod and whisper “yes Master.” 

Sir1 points me at the center of the room. “In the tub, he says. Sit. 

I sit down. 

Open your mouth. 

I open my mouth, my eyes are closed. 

CLASH… a heavy hands throws my face to the side. 

Open your eyes, whore. You are going to see everything that happens here. If I see you close your eyes for one more second, you’ll be severely punished… 

Yes Sir, I say, trying not to show the tears in my eyes. My tongue runs along my teeth, checking inf they’re all in still. 

You’re sitting in the toilet now, he says. And we all need to pee… 

Go lie down. 

I obey. 


I sob. But I keep them open. 

The 3 subs have to pee with their asses turned to me, their dicks pointing with their hands at my belly, pussy and legs. The Masters take my head….. 

And they pee, all together. They soak me. I cough and spit and almost drown in their pee, it’s so much, I can’t handle it. 

You better not spit anything out that you got in, dirty little whore… Sir3 with his low voice grabs my hair as he speaks, pushing his big balls in my face. 


I’m lying in a puddle of piss, shivering from cold and humiliation, and arousal. 

When they’re done, my tummy aches from all the piss that I swallowed and my eyes burn from the sharp fluid that got in it. 

Lick it clean, Sir3 tells the subs, and me. Together. 

I’m in the tub, the 3 subs outside, all on our knees. We drink and gobble and try to make it as clean as possible. After a few minutes they take me out and tell them I need to prepare the subs. 

Their asses need to be cleaned, and the first thing I’ll need to do is clean their asses with my tongue. 

They put me behind the ass of Teddybear. He’s hairy, and big…. I start carefully, but his Sir pushes my head deep in his ass. Your tongue in, all the way, he tells me. 

Without a warning I feel a huge thing entering my ass. No lube, so I scream when it pushes his way in, pushing everyting aside. I scream that it hurts, and they laugh. Quiet bitch… that’s what you’re here for… you only need to come home alive, that’s all. He fucks me quick and hard, he goes so deep that my bowels hurt. In the meantime I have to keep on cleaning Teddy’s ass. 

They let me clean all the subs asses, while fucking my ass in the meantime. 

I have to clean their dicks too… after they fucked me. 

The last one has the biggest dick, and I swear I tasted blood when I had to clean him after he fucked my ass. 

Now… who do you think will be the easiest for you to give everything you’ve got? They ask me. 

I point to Teddy bear. He is so huge… 

Good, his Sir smiles. Go for it, with anything you like. 

You get 20 minutes, to hurt him so much, that he has to cry. If you don’t manage, we’ll make you cry. For hours and hours. 

wonderful. I jump up. I check quickly what there is. 

Great… peppers… I cut them quickly while his Sir ties Teddy to the cross on the wall. 

I tease him a bit with my finger, going all the way from his neck to his ass. I’m gonna make you cry, Teddy, whether you like it or not…. 

He looks at me, with fear in his eyes. Oh… I think he’s not into pain that much… 

That’s gonna be fun… I feel a stain of regret… I would rather have had a masochist… much more of a challenge

I ask them- can I have half an hour and make them all 3 cry? 

They laugh and applaud. Yes, but, if you don’t make it with either one of them, we’re all gonna hurt you, all 6 of us. 

I nod. 

They tie the other 2 also, in the same position. I take a small rope, and tie it around their balls. All 3 get a different rope. I have an evil plan, and I think they’re gonna like it. The Masters. 

I tie it to the heaviest weight I can find, but they ropes are still hanging down, so it doesnt hurt. Yet. I pull it a bit to let them feel whats happening, and 2 of them jump up. Doggy is the only one who doesn’t- so he’s the masochist, right? I’m gonna have sooo much fun with it.. 

The Masters have taken a seat and are enjoying the play. They play with themselves, smoke, have a drink. 

I start with the peppers. Hop, in their ass. Now they all start to moan already, even Doggy squirms. But nobody is crying yet, although Schmooch has tears in his eyes. 

Don’t worry, I tell them. This is only the beginning. 

I sit on my knees and suck them all until they’re hard, even with the burning peppers. 

They rope cuts in their balls, now they’re stretched… Good… thats how I like it… 

Now… I tell them. 

The weight is on the table. 

It has 10 centimeters till the edge of the table. 

When it reaches the edge, it will fall down. And you WILL cry. All of you. 

I’m going to cane you. I’m a woman, so it shouldn’t be too hard to take, no? 

You need to take 30 beats each time. Tell me who gets how much. 

If anyone asks me to stop before he reaches the end of the beating, he’s out of the game, and the rest will take his beating. But then the weight will move twice as fast. Let’s see if you can make it before the 30 mins are over. 

I’ll have 10, Schmooch says quickly. Sub3 I call Sissy, says he can have 15. Teddy nods. He looks frightened. 

I start easy, so I start to give Sissy first 5. On his ass. I make stripes below each other. He breathes hard, but he managed to only moan and not scream. 

Then Schmooch. With the 3rd he can’t hold it and screams. But he doesn’t ask me to stop although he’s moaning and squirming. 

That was more than he expected… 

Teddy is last… I must say, he takes it as a man. But he screams, he screams…. 

The Masters applaud when they see my piece of art. 

Teddy is done, and he hasn’t asked to stop yet. 

Sissy again. I’m aiming at exactly the same places again that I did before, and I love to see his skin turning purple. He starts to scream too, and squirm a bit. God I love this. 

Schmooch is last. He is terrified, his whole body is tense. 

It makes the peppers hurt even more… I see his body shocking – I think he’s crying already! That was too easy…. But.. I have to make them all cry, and I really, really REALLY want to get that weight from the table… 

He manages to get it to the end, but he’s shivering all over. 

Good, I say. Well done. I move the weight one centimeter to the table. 

Next 30. 

Schmooch doesn’t want to take 10 anymore, so he and Teddy take both 7 and Sissy will have 16. 

I’m pretty sure one of them will collaps already this round. Jeez. I wish I had made it a bit harder. What did I know. 

Sissy gets first. He takes it and his ass looks sooo beautiful. Now I’m breaking the skin… it’s not bleeding yet, but its a bit open and I’m already looking forward to aim at exactly the right spots again in the next round. 

Schooch shivers and cries and screams and shouts and moans. But he made it!! I am very proud of him and I tell him that. 

Teddy is not crying- but he is completely quiet and silent… breathing shallow and fast, lamed with fear. 

Count, I say. 

1..2…. 3… and now he starts sobbing also. 4…. 

NOooooooo stop it please, please, stop it, I can’t take it anymore, I’ll do anything…. 

Are you sure? I ask him? 

Schmooch and Sissy start talking in to him – letting him know that they all will have to pay… if he doesn’t take those 3 beats… at least one round! They plead. Next round you can choose how much you take… 

He sniffs. Snot runs from his nose. He looks adorable. I carefully take some lose hairs out of his face. You wanna go for it? I ask. 

Yes Mistress, he says… I’ll try… 

I’ll give you a bit of a break in between, I tell him. I admire his courage. 

  1. He sobs. But he takes it. 6. The Masters applaud, they love the show. 

One last to go… 

I hit him on that soft spot between ass and legs, and he jumps and tears roll over his cheeks. He sobs. But he did it. 

Sissy gets his last hits. 

I move the weight only 1. 

Nice. Good job, guys, I tell them. Next round. No break. 

Sissy tells me to give him 20. I admire his courage. He’s totally awesome. But no worries, I’ll break him too. 

In the next round Teddy decides to have 3. Schmooch hesitates, 7 is a lot now… also his skin looks deep purple now. 

But he goes for it. 

And he’s the first one to break. Only because Teddy is last… Teddy manages to take those 3 too. 

Sissy is shivering all over his body- drips of blood come from the marks. He’s not sobbing but I can see tears running down, without being able to stop it. 

I move the weight to place nr. 4 Now- each time is 2 cms…. We have 15 mins left. 

You still want to continue? I ask them. 

Teddy cries uncontrollably. He looks at sissy… I’m not gonna be able to take a lot more, he says… 

Sissy nods. We’re already all crying, he says. He looks at the Masters. IN fact, I already won… in 15 minutes…. But the Masters tell me to continue… 

I continue the beating. Teddy gives up as first, but also sissy doesn’t make it till the end of the round. He had to take 20 and that was just too much. 

I tell them that it means that I will drop the weight. 

Count from 60 down, guys. At 60, its gonna drop. 

They’re frightened. Even the Masters look a bit worried. It’s a heavy weight, and if it falls all he way down to the ground, it might damage something that’s valuable to them. 

I look at them, and send them a comforting look. 

Right behind the table is a footstool- preventing the weight to get off more than a few centimeters. IT will hurt, for a minute. But it’s mainly the mental game that’s gonna be fun. 

They slow down counting as they almost get there. 

GO ON, I say, or I drop it already now… they speed up again and when it reaches zero the guys, all 3 of them, start screaming even before the weight tumbles of the table. It makes a lot of noise, even harder then their screams…. 

When its a bit more quiet they all stop screaming, surprised that their balls are still attached to their bodies. 

I untie them and then they see what I did with the weight. 

I get a few big big hugs from all of them. 

Time for your reward, the Masters say. 

Now we get to torture you, but instead of all 6, we’re just gonna do it with 4. Isn’t that nice of us? 

I smile. I’m in utter bliss, and horny as fuck. Try to get me screaming. 

They tie me upside down, spread eagle. 

One of the Masters lies on the floor, his dick up. I suck him. It’s hard to breath and suck upside down. But its ok. 

Something is tied to my nipples. Clamps- with a rope. 

Ohhh they start swinging me! I’m in heaven. 

It’s just that my nipples are burning so much, but other than that, its fantastic. 

But then, each time I get to one side, I get a snake whip, right on my clit. I scream, from pleasure and from pain…. It is soooo good……. 

They stop me and attach a sucker on my clit. They suck it out till its 4 times the size than it was before. I think, I can’t see it. It’s super super sensitive now… 

One of the Masters licks it, while one of the subs with perfect precision hits with a crop whip the clamps on my nipples, making me jump as far as possible upside down. They put a dildo in my pussy and fuck me, while I’m still licked. With my super super sensitive clit it only takes a minute to get me on the edge. Please!! Let me cum pleasssssseeee I beg them. The Master shakes his head and continues till my whole body is shivering. Then he lets go and pushes me backwards. You can cum, after you took 10 hits with the whip, he tells me. 

Ohhhhhhhhhh I hope I can make it… 

I dient have to worry. The whip is 10 times more harsh on my sensitive, swollen clit as before. I scream. 10! 

It goes on and on…. And when its on zero, the guy who’s swinging me stops me, right in the air, and the whip hits me mercilessly, one after another, rhythmic, one, one, one, one… and I cum. I cum, I cum like never before. I cum while the whip tortures my clit and one of the other slaves pulls the clamps off. I hardly feel it. I’m in bliss. 

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