Intense submissive training

Do you want to become the best submissive you can possibly be?

Think again.


Becoming the best submissive you can be, requires a 24/7 mindset. We’re not training subs to become sex toys for an evening of play. No – we train you to be confident and fierce, 24/7.


You will know exactly what your strengths are and your weaknesses.

You will know exactly how to use your body, mind and soul to please your Dom.

You will find out who you really are. Your preferences and your style.

You will be hot and wet 24/7.

Whenever your Master needs you, you are ready.

You know exactly what you must do to turn Him on, to please Him and to serve Him.

You find your destiny in making Him happy.


This training is not an online training where you watch a few videos or read some instructions and that’s it.


Your training will be as intense, and fulfilling, as mine was (and still is), perfectly shaped for you. You’ll report daily, and we give you feedback daily. All designed to make you the best version of yourself – ever.


We only take preselected candidates. Before you can start we will challenge you on persistence and willpower. We will not ask you if you know all the slave positions- any lunatic can learn that. We want to know if you are willing to go the extra mile. We don’t mind if you are bratty, or obedient, or playful, a masochist or an ass queen. We want to know if you are willing to become the best slave YOU can be.


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